It has been more than two decades since fourteen year old Chris Taggart’s dad saved the Antaran. In return the Antarans gave Earth translight capability and a friend, Ambassador To’ruk, opening a new era of prosperity and well-being for all. But even now some still argue such technology is too costly, too powerful, that Earth should slow down. “We don’t know what else is out there,” they say.
          Chris Taggart can hardly wait to find out. He shrugs off the peer talk about mistrusting aliens. Even when the Earth colony ship Minnis Bay mysteriously explodes near the Antara system he doesn’t allow rumor and innuendo to sway his opinion. And when his parents are assigned to a deep space research station, he’s ecstatic to be told he’ll be living with To’ruk and his family -- on Antara.
          Taggart soon learns that bigotry is universal but adapts; he won’t allow a larger and stronger bully get in the way of having fun.
          The fun turns to nightmare when news arrives that Taggart's parents have been murdered. Media reports, quoting official sources, blame the elusive Narcosians for the attack, saying they kill without reason.
          As Earth and alien dignitaries pay homage to his parents, Taggart can’t help feeling something isn’t right and he sets out on a path to find the truth, a path that will ultimately lead him to The Peacemakers.

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